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How It Works

When you order a press release distribution package

When you order a press release distribution package, you will promptly receive an email follow up from us requesting certain information, including your release in Word format, images, logo, contact and the date you want your release distributed. The date you select must be a business day. You will email us back with the date you have chosen. Generally, we will be able to accommodate your request.

We commonly require that you choose a distribution date at least 1 business day from the date we receive your press release. Press releases received Monday through Thursday by 10 p.m. ET will be published the next business day. Press releases received during the weekend or on major holidays will be published the following business day.

Writing Services

For writing services, you can expect a first draft of a press release 2 business days after we receive your completed Press Release Questionnaire. You will then have two rounds of edits, and we can finalize the press release. When you select writing services, we suggest that you plan a distribution date at least 3-4 business days from the date we receive your initial order.

Express Service

We do offer Express Service for distribution only packages, which means that after you have placed your order, if we receive the email containing your press release by noon on a business day, we can distribute your release the same business day for an additional fee of $125.

If you have breaking news and an urgent need for distribution, let us know and we will find a solution to accommodate your needs.

Distribution Process, lists and tracking

Press releases are distributed by our team of experienced publicists, using our exclusive, proprietary technology and distribution processes.

Our media lists are part of our proprietary news release distribution process. We continually update the contacts on our lists, but we do not share contact information. A sample representation of the media outlets on each list is available here.

If you choose the Maximum Exposure with PR Newswire distribution package, PR Newswire™ will provide a Visibility Report several days following the release, with a sampling of the websites that have posted your press release. The TravelNewsPR.com press release distribution packages will not provide reports.

To track coverage, we recommend that you set up Google Alerts with terms from your press release and watch for notifications. Keep the Alerts active for several weeks as journalists publish stories that may appear weeks or even months following a press release distribution. In addition, if you are contacted by a media outlet about your press release, keep in touch with the journalist and ask for a tentative publication date.

If you have any other questions, contact us at travelnewspr@puzzlepartner.ca.